Zooma med en doktorand


The PhD School is organising an exciting outreach opportunity for our student to share their research with Swedish high-school students

Imagine a win-win situation that opens up the world for all participants. We would like to present here a new communication/outreach project that we believe can give you as a doctoral student a unique opportunity to present your research in simple terms by meeting young people who are interested in knowing what it is happening in biological research at Uppsala University.

For this exciting project, we are looking for doctoral students who are interested in presenting their research to Swedish high school students (age 16-19) in an online setting through Zoom. We will run a pilot project during the autumn 2021, with a possible continuation in spring 2022. 

The project is carried out under the guidance of Ammie Berglund (ammie.berglund [@] bioresurs.uu.se), with the help of the PhD School in Biology. Ammie works at the Swedish Centre for School Biology and Biotechnology ("Bioresurs" in Swedish) and will be responsible for contacts with schools and teachers. 

The idea is simple: (1) you put together a descriptive and interesting title + a short description of your research and send it to Ammie. (2) Ammie collect titles/descriptions and communicate with the teachers. (3) The teachers register an interest in some of the projects, matching topics discussed in class. (4) Ammie contact the PhD students of the selected projects with email/phone number to the teacher. (5) You contact the teacher directly and together you decide day and time to plan for the presentation with the high school class. (6) You and the teacher make a brief evaluation of the project and communicate with Ammie and Fabien. (7) Ammie and Fabien gather information for the evaluation of the communication project.